What is a Biomedical Engineer? – Prosthetics

I’m often asked the question: “so what is a biomedical engineer?”  And to be honest, it’s a difficult one to answer!  In fact, when I first began my PhD, I still wasn’t sure exactly what it meant.  On my first day, I sat at my desk and typed ‘Biomedical Engineer’ into Google: ‘Biomedical engineering is a... Continue Reading →


The dark cloud of academia

A recent study from a research group at Flanders University in Belgium claim that one in three PhD students are at risk of a common psychiatric disorder such as depression or anxiety, a much higher prevalence than any other similarly educated populations. This is a striking statistic but not an overly surprising one. Being a... Continue Reading →

Getting out the lab

The Glasgow Science Festival is running between 8th and 18th of June and I could think of no better excuse to get out the lab than to become a festival volunteer!  With loads of events for all ages, including adults, the festival brings science to the public in a unique and engaging way. As a volunteer,... Continue Reading →

The PhD Race

  Last Sunday I ran the Mull of Kintyre Annual Half Marathon. It was a beautiful sunny day and the course was equally as beautiful out of Campbeltown, along the beach where we were met by pipers spurring us on with tunes, and back to the town by country roads. The atmosphere, like at all... Continue Reading →

Hey it’s OK….

I decided to write a post that is my own PhD version of the popular Glamour magazine feature, ‘Hey its ok to…’ So I’m now half way through my PhD and have had my fair share of meltdowns, crisis points, highs and lows, moments of Eureka, late night realisations of ‘oh c**p' - you name... Continue Reading →

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