Getting out the lab

The Glasgow Science Festival is running between 8th and 18th of June and I could think of no better excuse to get out the lab than to become a festival volunteer!

With loads of events for all ages, including adults, the festival brings science to the public in a unique and engaging way.

As a volunteer, I help to collect tickets and evaluation forms, do hands-on fun activities and be an ambassador for the festival as a whole.

Last Saturday we went down to the St Enochs shopping centre. We set up stands based on great Scottish scientists and what they contributed to science today. The most fun and popular were making DNA out of sugar laces and jelly beans and using fluffy bed socks to make parasites! It was really fun and interesting to see such a wide variety of people show an interest and getting involved.

After a week of PhD and work, on Friday evening I helped to ticket the “Imagineering Medical Future” event at Glasgow uni. Experts and authors of science fiction discussed the future of medical technology through literature and short stories. One of the most interesting points of this lecture for me, was the powerful role that humans play in the evolution of technology. Will we use it for good or bad? When will we draw a line? If ever? What will we be willing to sacrifice? Food for thought…

But the highlight of the festival for me was the Science of Harry Potter event on Saturday at The Concrete Garden in Possilpark. As an avid Harry Potter fan from when the books first came out I was so excited to volunteer and had such a great day! The pop-up cinema showed The Prisoner of Azkaban while the secret garden was filled with fun wizard themed activities from making your own wand, concocting magic potions and being photographs for The Quibbler.

I can’t wait for next year to see what the Science Festival 2018 has in store!



Anatomy and Medical Visualisation Graduate, completing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. A forever student with a passion for medical technology, human movement and public engagement in science.

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